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Friday January 19, 2018

Billiards is a game with a long and rich history.  It  first originated in the fifteenth century, and over the years there have been many aficionados of the pastime.  Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello had a hidden billiard room in the dome, because billiards was illegal at that time in history.  Celebrities as far ranging as Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, W.C. Fields, Jackie Gleason and Babe Ruth were fond of billiards.  If you are lucky enough to own a billiards table, then you will want to take excellent care of it.  Part of the care that you will provide is to replace worn or broken billiards parts on a regular basis.  Competitive Products, with a physical store in Tullytown, Pennsylvania and a gigantic webstore online, is a leading supplier of billiards parts and billiards supplies to billiards enthusiasts around the country.   

It is easy to break or misplace a ball rack, and it is a vital component to enjoying the game.  We offer replacement billiard parts including eight-ball and nine-ball racks, as well as ball trays.

As for billiard balls themselves, we offer a wide selection as a special feature of our billiard parts line.  You can get replacement billiard parts for the eight ball or the cue ball, or change out the entire set for cast phenolic balls that are first quality and precision ground.  We even offer clear ball sets and marble ball sets to spice up your game.  If you need regulation billiards parts for tournament balls, we can provide you with magnetic cue balls that meet strict guidelines for weight and size, so that their balance is excellent and they roll true.  All of these specialized billiard supplies are available at Competitive Products.

If you play with any regularity, you will need to replace billiard parts such as cue sticks on a regular basis.
We offer the finest quality one-piece and two-piece cue sticks.  The one-piece billiards parts sticks are made of maple or fiberglass for your enjoyment.  Two-piece cue sticks are available in fiberglass or graphite, and you will also find gorgeous ones made out of maple and some with specialized designs.  Why not impress your friends when you whip out a two-piece light up lava cue stick?  The lights come on when these billiards parts make contact with the ball, to add to the action and fun of the game. 

Under the heading of billiards supplies comes the wide variety of chalk that we offer to our discerning customers.  Silver Cup Cone Chalk, Pioneer Tip Chalk, National Tournament Chalk, and Master Chalk are available at our online and physical stores, and these essential billiards parts will make the game much more enjoyable.