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Friday January 19, 2018

Air hockey supplies

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Air Hockey: Air Hockey Pucks
Top quality, durable air hockey pucks, available in 3 colors
Build Your OrderSKU#ColorDescriptionPricing
28-2850RedDurable polystyrene$1.49 (Each)$1.39 (L/10)$1.29 (L/25)
28-2865YellowDurable Polystyrene$1.49 (Each)$1.39 (L/10)$1.29 (L/25)
28-2870WhiteDurable Polystyrene$1.49 (Each)$1.39 (L/10)$1.29 (L/25)

Air Hockey: Air Hockey Goalie
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
28-2800Air Hockey Goalie$6.75 (Each)$6.25 (L/6)$5.99 (L/12)

Air Hockey: Camie Cambell #888
  • Excellent lubricant for metal, glass, plastic, rubber and wood
  • Once applied is odorless and non-staining
  • Standard case is 12 units
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
17-0888Camie Cambell #888$8.75 (Each)$7.25 (L/6)$7.75 (L/12)

Air Hockey: Competitor Strip
  • Coin / token holder
  • Eliminates unnecessary arguments over "next player"
  • Use for Billiards, Foosball, Darts, Air Hockey, etc.
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
22-0100Competitor Strip$3.00 (Each)$2.75 (L/10)$2.50 (L/25)

Air Hockey: Board Sweep
  • A must have tool that provides a quick, easy cleanup of your play surface
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
21-2090Board Sweep$25.99 (Each)$24.99 (L/3)

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