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Friday January 19, 2018

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Dart Supplies: Dart Tip Extractor
  • For quick, easy removal of broken tips from segment boards
  • Wood handle, metal shaft construction
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
29-1120Dart Tip Extractor$15.99 (Each)$15.79 (L/3)$15.59 (L/6)

Dart Supplies: Competitor Strip
  • Coin / token holder
  • Eliminates unnecessary arguments over "next player"
  • Use for Billiards, Foosball, Darts, Air Hockey, etc.
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
22-0100Competitor Strip$3.00 (Each)$2.75 (L/10)$2.50 (L/25)

Dart Supplies: Throw Line Marker
  • Eliminates player debate over toe-line
  • Attractive, highly visible black and yellow design
  • Pressure sensitive backing for easy floor application
  • Includes axis rectifier scale for position players
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
29-1130Throw Line MarkerBull Shooter Line$3.25 (Each)$2.85 (L/12)$2.60 (L/24)

Dart Supplies: Replacement Lamps
A and B require a minimum order of 10
Build Your OrderSKU#DesriptionApplicationPricing
04-0073(A) #73 14V - Sub wedge baseUsed with Merit Darts$0.24 (Each)$0.21 (L/100)$0.18 (L/500)
04-7373(B) #7373 14V - Bi-pin baseBoard Numbers$0.40 (Each)$0.38 (L/100)$0.36 (L/500)
05-704040(C) "Hot Dog" Lamp 40W 120V - Medium baseTop Marquee$1.20 (Each)$1.00 (L/25)$0.90 (L/50)
05-704090(D) 40W 120V - Intermediate baseTop Marquee$0.79 (Each)$0.69 (L/25)$0.59 (L/50)
17-0190Mill Bulb ToolSpecialized Tool To Replace Mini Lamps$19.95 (Each)$18.95 (L/6)

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