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Friday January 19, 2018


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Shuffleboard & Bowler: Shuffle Alley Supplies
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
21-1000Shuffle Alley PuckRegulation Shuffle Alley Puck$19.95 (Each)
21-0100PinShuffle Alley Pin 10 1/4" Plastic OEM Replacement$3.85 (Each)$3.60 (L/10)$3.55 (L/25)
42-2990SA Side TrimShuffle Alley Side Trim (Black) Williams Ref# 03-7234$19.95 (Each)$19.25 (L/3)$18.25 (L/6)
18-1000SA Rebound RubberShuffle Alley Rebound T-Rubber$36.95 (Each)$34.95 (L/6)$33.95 (L/12)
21-0550Shuffleboard PucksSet of 8 (4 Red, 4 Blue) Shuffleboard Pucks$60.95 (Each)$54.95 (L/3)$48.95 (L/6)

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