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Friday January 19, 2018

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Equipment Handling: U-Lift Pool Table Mover
  • USA made
  • Designed to permit 1 person to move a pool table, air hockey table, etc.
  • Lift height 3"
  • Detachable handle
  • Heavy duty casters
  • UPS shippable
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
26-10000U-Lift Pool Table Mover$241.95 (Each)$232.50 (L/2)

Equipment Handling: Pool Table Easy Leveler
  • Easily lifts a pool table or air hockey table off the floor so you can adjust the leg levelers
  • Simply place the Easy Leveler at the end of the table and press to the floor
  • Save your back and lift the easy way
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
26-10001Pool Table Easy Leveler$39.99 (Each)$37.50 (L/2)

Equipment Handling: Pinball Game Lift
  • USA Made
  • Gas filled shock absorber
  • Designed to fit under all types of pingame equipment
  • Heavy duty swivel caster
  • UPS shippable
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
75-0001Pinball Game Lift$329.00 (Each)$299.00 (L/2)

Equipment Handling: Replacement Shock Absorber for Pinball Game Lift
Build Your OrderSKU#NameDescriptionPricing
75-0008Replacement Shock Absorber for Pinball Game Lift$40.00 (Each)$38.00 (L/2)

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