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Friday January 19, 2018

You own a business. In that business is a pinball machine. Every day, people play the pinball machine. This results, of course, in wear and tear of the machine, and damage to the various pinball parts. After a while, the pinball machine breaks down. Now you have two choices: Get new pinball parts and fix the machine, or become known as “that place with the broken pinball machine.”

You don’t want your business to be that place. You’ll need to replace those pinball parts, but where can you find them on short notice?  You can depend on Competitive Products to keep a huge selection of pinball supplies on hand, and because they ship within twenty-four hours of the time you place your order, you know that those pinball parts will reach you quickly.

Pinball Parts - Complete Enjoyment

You’ll find loads of pinball parts and pinball supplies in Competitive Products Web store.  Maybe you need to order some steel pinballs, to replace some missing ones.  Maybe you need new leg levelers or dot matrix displays.

Or maybe you’re looking for new flippers.  These are a vital part of your pinball machine – short of tilting, they’re the only way the player has to maneuver the pinball. Parts like these are vital to total pinball enjoyment. And while the flippers may look like a simple part from afar, they’re actually composed of several individual components – and Competitive Products has them all. We’ve got flipper base plates, coil stops, opto boards, plungers and links, as well as the flippers and shafts themselves.  You’ll also find double flipper button switches, assemblies, links, springs, and even rebuild kits. Don’t be surprised – pinball parts are what we do.

Maybe your pinball machine's bumpers aren't what they used to be, and could use a refurbishing.  The bumpers provide much of the spice and action of the game – when a pinball hits the bumper, the bumper pushes the ball away and back into play.  At Competitive Products we offer all manner of bumper bodies, wafers, bases, sleeves, and bumper posts as part of our vast selection of pinball parts.  Before long, those bumpers will be back in business.

Maintenance of Pinball Parts

To keep your pinball machine at its best, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis.  Typically, maintenance includes such items as cleaning, waxing the playfield, replacing worn pinball parts (such as the batteries and the pinballs themselves), and cleaning the switches.  Competitive Products has an extensive line of pinball machine maintenance solutions.  You will find all sorts of cleaners used for specified purposes, such as those suited to cleaning the playfield, or the rubber pinball parts.  Some of the cleaners can serve double duty, and can be used for other purposes, such as polishing pool balls.  You’ll even find fine scratch removers, so that your pinball machine will glow with a newfound sheen.  Let Competitive Products provide all of your replacement and maintenance pinball parts in one easy stop online.